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Flying Into Yesterday tracks an amazing story that was deliberately cut from American history because women weren't supposed to be aeronautical engineers -- but they were, in World War II! This remarkable book is like a treasure hunt, and we get to join in the chase.

-- Mollie Gregory, author, Guts and Grace: The Untold Story of Stuntwomen in the Movies      

Jean-Vi Lenthe's long-anticipated historical narrative on WWII women aeronautical engineers is available for purchase. Beautifully designed with 16 pages of photos, Flying Into Yesterday tells the long-buried story of the Curtiss-Wright Cadettes, 918 brave and bright young women (including Jean-Vi's mother) who learned how to design airplanes at seven topnotch universities. Their work helped salvage the Curtiss-Wright Airplane Company from its own engineering deficiencies, proving the capabilities of women in yet another "male-only" field and opening a door for women to co-create the shape of future aviation.
Advance Praise
A long-overdue tribute to a magnificent group of patriotic women who helped win World War II. This powerful story of the accomplishments of the Curtiss-Wright Cadettes, told here with accuracy and affection, should encourage modern women to enter the world where they are vitally needed: aero and space engineering. The author has done a signal service to those who participated in the past -- and to those who will take the book's message and participate in the future.

-- Walter Boyne, Colonel USAF (retired), author, aviation historian,
founder of National Air & Space Museum/NASM

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